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Beautify Patios, Windows, and Doors with Retractable Awnings and Roll Screens

As a Florida homeowner, you love to spend time outdoors, whether it is having a quick chat with friends or you are hosting a barbeque for friends and family. If you want to beautify your outdoor living spaces, consider investing in retractable awning and roll screens.

Harrison Awnings can assist you in choosing just the right awning or screen system that suits your porches, decks, patios, windows, and doors. We are proud to offer top-quality options from Marygrove.


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Choose the Right Retractable Awning

Harrison Awnings retractable awning not only protects your outdoor living space, but they also beautify your property. The 2019 awnings by Marygrove feature dimmable LED lighting. They are available in three different sizes with three frame colors and nine standard fabric options. Allow Harrison Awnings to help you find the perfect awning for your home or business in Oakland, FL. Contact them today to learn about Florida awnings installation by our team of professionals to ensure your retractable awning is installed correctly and up to code.

Adding roll screens to your home or business with a roll screen installation provides you with the protection of traditional screens when your door or windows are open, without blocking out the views when they are closed.

Installing a retractable awning in your Oakland Park, Florida property is one of the best decisions you can make as an Oakland Park home and/or business owner.

Patios and decks are a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors. But, in Florida, these areas sometimes get too hot to enjoy. Retractable awnings let you get the most from your outdoor living space.

Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Retractable Awning

Spending time outside allows you to get the most out of your property. A retractable awning by Harrison Awnings makes it simple to spend more time outside than you may not normally be able to do. What are some of the many ways you and your family can spend an afternoon, evening, or an entire day underneath your retractable awning?

  • Outdoor family/friend barbeque
  • Romantic dinner for two’
  • Relax to the sounds of nature
  • Board game night
  • Set up your big TV outside for Sunday’s big game
Reasons to Invest in Retractable Awning in Florida

Retractable awnings provide more than protection from the elements. With this type of solar solution, you can:

  • Extend or roll up with the weather is pleasant outside
  • Save money when compared with installing manual awnings
  • No worrying about the posts or poles blocking your space while enjoying the protection of your outdoor living space
  • Store the retractable awning easily with the touch of a button
  • When installed near windows, reduce energy costs

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