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Retractable Awning Installation in Plantation Florida

We’ll measure where the awning is installed carefully. Our measurements will take the space that your awning takes to retract into consideration as well. These little details can cause DIY awning installation to go wrong, so don’t fret from relying on the help of a professional awning contractor in Plantation! Our team is provided with all of the tools, and they possess all of the know-how they need to do the job with excellence!

The first part of installing a retractable awning is to evaluate the space in which the install is going to take place. There shouldn’t be any obstructions like light fixtures, vents or downspouts. A retractable awning weighs about eight pounds per square foot, so we’ll be sure that your awning is securely in place via mounting brackets. Your mounting brackets will be installed into the studs, joists, or headers of your property. We can also mount your awning on your roof if we can’t do it on a wall. Wherever it’s mounted, we’ll make sure that your awning is secure and in place.

retractable awning installation in Plantation Florida

High Quality Residential Awning Installation in Plantation Florida

Motorized awnings are super popular and for really good reason. Motorized awnings give you the power to control your awning from the touch of a button. Install a beautiful awning on your property with the help of the best awning installation company in Plantation. We’ll give you an affordable awning installation that you’ll enjoy the benefits of for years. Being able to control the sun and shade of your outdoor space opens many new dimensions of possibilities for outdoor fun.

Awnings are very useful for residential and commercial properties. Awnings can be installed over a specific outdoor space, a window or a door. Have you seen those fancy domed awnings over the doors of hotels before, the red ones? That is just one of the many cool looks that can be achieved by a top-quality awning installation. The styles you can choose from are truly expansive, both in the appearance as well as the function of your waning. So have fun with it!

Patio Awning Installation in Plantation FL

Patio awning installation in Plantation Florida is a great addition to any home! Keep the sun off you during those hot summer months and enjoy your beautiful patio area and pool!

Roll screens on an awning window or patio can make your windows look a lot nicer as well as keep insects out! When you combine insect protection with sunlight control, you’re looking for a really great time outdoors! When you live in a beautiful place like Florida, some people wonder why you wouldn’t spend all of your time outdoors. There’s a big reason for that – mosquitoes! Mosquitoes in Florida are relentless, so if you’re considering a screen to protect your patio or outdoor space from insects, you’re making a good investment! Common screen types are fiberglass and aluminum, but if you have any questions on roll screen or awning installation, call us!


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