Best Retractable Awning Installation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Retractable awnings are a great choice for giving you control of the sun that hits your home. Awnings aren’t just for residential use. Countless businesses all over Florida have awnings that adorn, as well as provide shade, in front of their businesses. Motorized awnings in Broward County have become popular as of late due to the function of being able to put it up and take it down whenever you want! Our company is your best choice for affordable awning installation in Fort Lauderdale.

Retractable awnings need anywhere from six to twelve inches of wall or roof space to be installed. Most homes and businesses certainly have this space available! Retractable awnings take less than a minute to be furled and unfurled. You can do it by hand or by controller for ultimate convenience. You can also control it using a wall switch, tablet, smartphone, timer or key switch. Now that’s sitting in the driver’s seat with awning installation!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Retractable Awning Installation.

Did you know that you’re awning could have weather sensors? This is no lie! Recent technology has spearheaded the creation of awnings, equipped with weather sensors that can extend and retract based on the weather! Your awning will automatically come out on bright and sunny days, and retract under a hood or soffit when heavy rains or winds are expected. This smart technology just adds to the convenience and enjoyment that you get out of your awning.

Retractable awnings require zero maintenance. Awnings decrease heat exposure, glare, and lower your chance off being exposed to harmful UV rays. Awnings, for residential and commercial properties, extend the space of your property. Many outdoor patios on restaurants are protected by awnings. Especially creative homeowners construct their own DIY rooms using awnings to construct appealing canopies. Now that’s a party I want to go to!

Residential Awning Installation in Broward County.

Retractable awnings extend the seating capacity of businesses like cafes and restaurants. With all of that tantalizing outdoor activity going on, more customers will be drawn into giving you more business. Even better, you can get this business without having to go through the rounds with an architect or general contractor. So it’s no pain, big gain, and a plus for motorized awning installation in Fort Lauderdale! Did you know that awnings can also drastically decrease the percentage of glare and exterior heat when installed over windows? By 94 and 77 percent, respectively!

Awnings can cut air conditioning costs by lowering the amount of heat that penetrates inside of your property. Less sunlight means less heat! Having an awning professionally installed can cut your air conditioning costs by nearly twenty-five percent! If you thought it couldn’t get any better, newsflash! It can! Awnings can add thousands of dollars to the resale value of your residential or commercial property. And that’s just being modest. Awnings improve your chance at resale by improving the curb appeal as well!


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